KiteLauncher website…

Since I have been so ridiculously busy over the past year, back to back bookings and a full launching schedule, not to mention coming back from the double knee injury that I sustained whilst I was developing some new launching techniques… I have struggled to find the time to get my website up and running. None the less, here it is, and to top it all off the launch of my clothing brand will be here soon…

Riding vests, T’s and girls vests will be available soon! Keep checking back and make sure you have got the right beach attitude next season…say NO to landing!!

Dont Settle for Less!!

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KL no.#3

So, since the filming of my last trip out in Australia with Tom Court and the UK crew, I have been rushed off my feet. The apparent explosion of kite launching world wide has kept me on my toes as I have been jetting off to some of the best and most exclusive kiteboarding spots. It hasn’t been easy!

However this time I decided to check out the PKRA kiteboarding world cup event out in Fuerteventura to see what the fuss is all about and to try my hand at the world of competitive launching…check it out and share!


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I is online…New site coming soon!

So after month of hard work, traveling around the globe and managing my new career as a professional kite launcher and making sure that all the girlfriends left on windy beaches around the world don’t get too lonely. Someone has finally got my website up and running. About time too!

This isnt my final site however, soon you will be able to get your hands on the latest in KL fashion, including T’s (that will give your girlfriend’s 100% satisfaction every time) and the signature KL flat peak range that I am now sporting.

Whilst your here, take a moment to check out my last videos (top menu KL 1,2 and 3) and comment on my flagrant lifestyle as I continue to push the limits of kitesurfing and launching as a sport. Mixing with the pro’s, attending the contests and making it look good! Its a launchers life!

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