me, me, me

Well what is there to say really. I have been launching kites professionally now for about a year, it was a career path that just fell into place for me. As a product of the recession, like everybody else of my age (45) I was at a loss as to what to do, no job and a useless degree. Then Launching came along. Tom Court rang me one day to see if I could give him a launch down at the local beach and things just escalated from there really. Before I knew it I was out in the Caribbean, launching kites and being paid to do it!

I think its probably my dedication to the sport, hard work ethic and strong sense of style that have got me to where I am today…with the ever growing competition in the world of professional sport, I have just taken it to the next level and will continue to do so!

If you wanna be a legit launcher…grab a KL shirt and get down the beach…make sure you dont touch a pump though!


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