The FreeRide Project – Taking Professionalism to the next level

People often ask me how I retain such high standards of professionalism within the kiteboarding world, how is it that kite launching has such a grip on the industry? Why are you the man that every one looks up to? Well, its quite simple really, surround yourself with a bunch of naturally un-organised and lazy people and its easy to stand out… this is a lesson in life. Never try too hard to be better, just lower the bar and you wont have to jump as high. Simple.

Needles to say, I have been spending a lot of time with the UK crew over the past years, launching their kites and making sure they are heading in the right direction. When I decided to move away from competitive launching back in 2011 and make the change toward ‘free launching’, the boys decided to do the same… thus the ‘Freeride Project’ was born!

Here we are, three years later and two FreeRide Project movies down, it turns out that my high level of professionalism and focus when it comes to pushing kite launching has rubbed off on the boys… Now standing proud as the four most prominent ‘FreeRiders’ in Kiteboarding today… its seems that they have made the right choice…

Not that I am taking the credit… its just a fact, good ideas come to people who listen to me!!

Sit back, brew the kettle, put your feet up, get your girl to spare 3 mins of her time and relax whilst watching the all new Freeride Project 2 movie


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