Original Beach Attitude…

The kiteboarding world is going through some changes, the likes of Alex Pastor becoming the new PKRA world champion, Youri ducking out as is can’t keep up with the Injury rate and Aaron Hadlow returning to form with the guys from the FreeRide project… All of this comes second to the release of the biggest new brand in kiteboarding, and that is of course… KL clothing!

Original beach attitude since the beginning. I aim to show people that having the right attitude can really pay off. My riding vests and T’s will be aimed at people that know whats up and want to be recognised for their forward thinking. Kiteboarding is a sport of intelligence and serious attitude!! Its time you grabbed your KL garment now and show the world that you know whats up!! See the range here


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1 Response to Original Beach Attitude…

  1. Reese R says:

    I have always wanted to get into kite-boarding for a few years now. I flew a trainer kite, took some safety lessons, but until now I somehow convinced myself against it.

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