Sexism in Launching…

So, following my appearance in the latest video “The Holiday” in which it features my new “Dial a Launch” premium service, it seems there has been a few people that seem to think its not necessarily genuine, or I quote ‘a sexist’ production… well, naturally I was shocked at this. Being a man of strong moral fibre and knowing exactly what it feels like to be used for your body, I know how this miss conception could get out of control…

This got me thinking…


What do you think?? Sexist, or just a normal holiday??

Do people just use women to get more views on their videos? I have to admit, the idea shocked me… It had never crossed my mind. I have always just documented my rise through the ranks of professional launching and the things that actualy happen, I have never embellished the truth, made a joke at anyone else’s expense or even so much as copied anyone… Let alone use women for the sole purpose of attracting views on my videos… In fact I take the whole thing very seriously…

However, now this has been brought to my attention, I will make sure that I sack my manager for letting this get past me and in my next video… I will be sure to deliver the right message, that sexism doesn’t have a place in professional launching and there are career opportunities available for anyone!!

If you would like more information, or to apply to become one of my dial-a-launch oppratives (includes global travel, health insurance and twenty weeks paid holiday per year) please send pictures of yourself in a bikini to:

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