The FreeRide Project – Taking Professionalism to the next level

People often ask me how I retain such high standards of professionalism within the kiteboarding world, how is it that kite launching has such a grip on the industry? Why are you the man that every one looks up to? Well, its quite simple really, surround yourself with a bunch of naturally un-organised and lazy people and its easy to stand out… this is a lesson in life. Never try too hard to be better, just lower the bar and you wont have to jump as high. Simple.

Needles to say, I have been spending a lot of time with the UK crew over the past years, launching their kites and making sure they are heading in the right direction. When I decided to move away from competitive launching back in 2011 and make the change toward ‘free launching’, the boys decided to do the same… thus the ‘Freeride Project’ was born!

Here we are, three years later and two FreeRide Project movies down, it turns out that my high level of professionalism and focus when it comes to pushing kite launching has rubbed off on the boys… Now standing proud as the four most prominent ‘FreeRiders’ in Kiteboarding today… its seems that they have made the right choice…

Not that I am taking the credit… its just a fact, good ideas come to people who listen to me!!

Sit back, brew the kettle, put your feet up, get your girl to spare 3 mins of her time and relax whilst watching the all new Freeride Project 2 movie


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Original Beach Attitude…

The kiteboarding world is going through some changes, the likes of Alex Pastor becoming the new PKRA world champion, Youri ducking out as is can’t keep up with the Injury rate and Aaron Hadlow returning to form with the guys from the FreeRide project… All of this comes second to the release of the biggest new brand in kiteboarding, and that is of course… KL clothing!

Original beach attitude since the beginning. I aim to show people that having the right attitude can really pay off. My riding vests and T’s will be aimed at people that know whats up and want to be recognised for their forward thinking. Kiteboarding is a sport of intelligence and serious attitude!! Its time you grabbed your KL garment now and show the world that you know whats up!! See the range here


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Sexism in Launching…

So, following my appearance in the latest video “The Holiday” in which it features my new “Dial a Launch” premium service, it seems there has been a few people that seem to think its not necessarily genuine, or I quote ‘a sexist’ production… well, naturally I was shocked at this. Being a man of strong moral fibre and knowing exactly what it feels like to be used for your body, I know how this miss conception could get out of control…

This got me thinking…


What do you think?? Sexist, or just a normal holiday??

Do people just use women to get more views on their videos? I have to admit, the idea shocked me… It had never crossed my mind. I have always just documented my rise through the ranks of professional launching and the things that actualy happen, I have never embellished the truth, made a joke at anyone else’s expense or even so much as copied anyone… Let alone use women for the sole purpose of attracting views on my videos… In fact I take the whole thing very seriously…

However, now this has been brought to my attention, I will make sure that I sack my manager for letting this get past me and in my next video… I will be sure to deliver the right message, that sexism doesn’t have a place in professional launching and there are career opportunities available for anyone!!

If you would like more information, or to apply to become one of my dial-a-launch oppratives (includes global travel, health insurance and twenty weeks paid holiday per year) please send pictures of yourself in a bikini to:

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My new dial-a-launch service…

So, since word of my kite launching skills have spread so fast, obviously demand has been high… I am a busy guy these days. To respond to this overwhelming demand, I have come up with my dial-a-launch service. Call 01800-LAUNCH and I will send one of my many launching operatives that I have been training in my Launching academy, to wherever you are in the world. A premium service as you would expect…

Check out this latest video with my boy Tom Court riding in Greece. He needed a launch, I was too busy, I sent someone… simple as that…

If you wanna be rocking the latest riding vests and be constantly approached by hot girls on the beach, then check out my clothing on here:

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KL 5 Video – Failure to Launch “I dont think so”…

I have been dealing with a lot recently, on top of the blown knees, the competition with younger launchers coming up and pushing the limits of the sport and kiters persisting with their self launching…and now, getting a girlfriend…although it has saved money on gym membership, it hasn’t all been easy.

It has forced me to push the limits to stay ahead of the game, enter the business world with a bang!! Iv got the clothing line coming out, the movie, the album and even my lifestyle academy in the UK schools has taken off… Check out my latest video to find out more about how to stay ahead of the game as a professional athlete:

A limited edition riding vest and T shirt is available for two weeks only on … PROMO CODE for DISCOUNT and free shipping is: kl123 (lower case)

Grab yours today if you want to be the man on the beach this season, of get your girl one as they will always sleep better when wearing my clothing 😉

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As there isn’t much that is actually cool in Kitesurfing, I have decided to launch not only kites but my own brand. I am making KL vests and T’s for use on and off the beach…equipped with your very own ‘I don’t land kites’ slogan on the back.

Make sure people know you have the right attitude at the beach this season and get yourself a KL vest for riding and a kite launcher T for the beach, so you won’t be disturbed by people asking to land their kites. They will know you mean business!

check here:

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Kite Launching instruction…

So, over my past recovery time after my last video. I have taken some time to look at people on the beach and see what they are doing wrong. It occurred to me that it was time that I created an instructional as people obviously don’t realise what they look like…so if you don’t know how to launch a kite properly…dont copy anything in this video.

This is how NOT to launch a kite!!

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